LIZ’s cut by  KRISTINA .

LIZ’s cut by KRISTINA.

 Cut & color by  LIZ .

Cut & color by LIZ.


Liz Curry

Master Stylist & Colorist, Salon Owner

Liz has had the pleasure of servicing her clients in several different locations, and each one seemed to be missing something crucial; heart. Years of growth, perseverance and experience in the industry have inspired Liz to build a hair home of her own. Her operating philosophy is inspired by a saying from Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This idea to spread love in a salon dedicated to stylish, wearable hair is exactly why HAIR LOVE was born.




advanced stylist,
wedding style director

A hairdresser since 2003, Anna has evolved into a well rounded stylist who is able to help many people with their hair needs.
“I love connecting with people and creating great hair,” she says. “We all are unique individuals and I love creating a hairstyle that reflects that person’s uniqueness.”

Anna’s ongoing education (she’s studied with Bumble and Bumble and Arrojo) enables her to mentor & teach HAIR LOVE’s junior stylists.


 Cut by  ANNA .

Cut by ANNA.

 Custom color & cut by  KRISTINA .

Custom color & cut by KRISTINA.


Kristina LaMarca

advanced Stylist,
Master Colorist

Growing up, Kristina always had an artistic side waiting to be expressed. She knew that she could show her creativity in the field of hair and so her journey began. Now, she takes pride in transforming her clients into beautiful masterpieces. With her continuous education, Kristina stays current with fashion trends and styles while pushing the envelope. Kristina specializes in styling, balayage & fantasy colors.



Mary Prior

advanced Stylist &

You won’t find a person more kind and easy going than Mary. Her natural joy and bright energy lift up her clients and the salon. She joined the HAIR LOVE team in the summer of 2017 and has made a great impact with her vision & experience.

A hairstylist since the ’80s, Mary’s the go-to person for guidance in the salon. She’s constantly expanding her mind with continuing education. Mary says, simply, “I love making people feel and look good!”

 Color & cut by  MARY .

Color & cut by MARY.

 Color & cut by  BRE .

Color & cut by BRE.


Bre Cade

Stylist & colorist

In the beauty industry for 10 years, Bre is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell school. She specializes in color and is always eager to try new things. When not making people look and feel beautiful, Bre can be found on stage performing. She loves to share her inspiration and zest for life with her clients. “I love it when I see a client at a show, and their hair looks great, and they’re having an amazing time!”



Denise Timoney

stylist, Makeup Artist, assistant manager

From former barista & certified coffee master to graduate of Paul Mitchell & licensed cosmetology instructor, Denise is Hair Love traffic control.

Heavily inspired by the life & career of RuPaul, Denise specializes in blowouts & makeup, whether for a wedding or a Halloween party! (She’s done small scale special effects makeup for commercials, music videos & short films.)

A longtime colleague of owner Liz, Denise says, “Blessed are hairstylists & makeup artists, for they see the beauty in others.”

 Pic coming soon!

Pic coming soon!


Evelyn shibla

stylist & colorist,
extensions specialist

Evelyn may be sweet & petite but she is a powerful pillar of HAIR LOVE. Once the co-owner of the salon (it was called “Our Gang” for 30-plus years), she is now a styling — and living — role model for the staff & community. Some of her clients have been sitting in her chair every week for decades!

Also, Evelyn wears heels every single day.



Hall of Fame Stylists

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 5.03.05 PM.png

marlene schulle

stylist & colorist

Did she just say that? Yes, yes she did… we never know what is going to happen next in Marlene’s chair. She’s been “shooting the $#i+” with her clients since bellbottoms & platforms — she once co-owned the salon with Evelyn! Underneath the leather, laughter & lace is a soulful, caring Jersey girl who will do whatever she can to help a friend. This rockin’ babe is one of a kind & we wouldn’t be HAIR LOVE without her.


Junior Stylists

  JOLIE  and her baby Brit.

JOLIE and her baby Brit.

jolie maimone


 Color & cut by  SONNI .

Color & cut by SONNI.

Sonni Zancocchio

  SARA ’s glam by  SARA .

SARA’s glam by SARA.

  KAYLA ’s cut by  JOLIE .

KAYLA’s cut by JOLIE.

Kayla Craig


 Pic coming soon!

Pic coming soon!

Jenny Leigh Sloan

 Jilly’s hair by  LIZ  and  JOLIE .

Jilly’s hair by LIZ and JOLIE.

Jilly MacDowell



Christine Fleming