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The following may be BOOKED online: Short (above the ears, men) and kid’s haircuts (30 min), bang and beard trims (15 min), consultations (new clients, color makeovers, fantasy or high-contrast color, weddings), wash & sets, and *some* color processes (toner or glaze, single process touch-ups).

Style haircuts (past the ears, medium or long hair, teens, women), Keratin & conditioning treatments, and most color services (double process, i.e., brunette to blonde, partial & full highlights, all balayage) may be REQUESTED online only. We’ll call you back ASAP to discuss what you’re looking for, and advise on processes and timing!



At HAIR LOVE we strive to be on time for our clients. We really do our best, and we appreciate that you are patient with us when we are running behind.

By the same token, your timeliness is critical to us too. Fifteen minutes late may not seem like much but it has a domino effect on our subsequent appointments.

In the unfortunate event you will be more than 15 minutes late, we will probably have to reschedule. No matter what, give us a call if you’re running late & we’ll try to make it work!

Why do i need a consultation?

The stylists at HAIR LOVE can accomplish near magic, but they have to know what they’re working with. Thin or thick? Virgin or processed? Curly or straight? Frizzy or damaged? And, is your idea realistic given the qualities of your hair? A brief (15-minute) consultation will create a bond and set you and your stylist at ease to begin your transformation!

Read our complete FAQ!

How long is my appointment?

Generally, a wash, cut & dry will run about an hour. Color will take application time (30-90 minutes) plus processing time (30-45 minutes). We can wash & dry you after color for an additional charge, or you can “leave wet” if you prefer to style yourself. If you’re getting cut & color in one appointment, plan on approximately 2 1/2 hours.

I have questions

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